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A dynamic 11 part DVD series on biblical prophecy regarding the end times. Examining the prophetic books of the Old Testament comparing them with the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament writers to present a systematic and insightful view of end time events. David makes use of over 180 slides, diagrams as well as video footage to present a comprehensive teaching of the 70th Week of Daniel which will usher in the Lord's return.

11 - White Throne Judgement and New Heavens
10 - The Fall of Babylon and the Millenium
09 - The Church and the Bowl Judgements
08 - Trumpet Judgements & The Two Witnesses
07 - The Seven Seals of Revelation
06 - The Rapture of the Church
05 - The False Prophet and the Mark of the Beast
04 - The Antichrist
03 - The Harlot of Revelation
02 - The Spirit Behind The New World Order
01 - Daniel's 70th Week