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Foundation Principles of the Christian Faith

How can the church come to maturity when the basic doctrines that were taught by the apostles are not understood by so many Christians today? This 9 part teaching explores the six basic foundation doctrines taught by the early church fathers. These foundation teaching are taken from Hebrews 6:1-2. Do not be misled by the title of this 9 part series. This series is for every believer both new and mature believers.

09 - Eternal Judgement
08 - The Resurrection of the Dead
07 - Laying on of Hands
06 - Doctrine of Baptisms - Baptism of Suffering
05 - Doctrine of Baptisms - Water Baptism
04 - Doctrine of Baptisms - Baptism of the Holy Spirit
03 - Doctrine of Baptisms - The Four Baptisms
02 - Faith Toward God
01 - Repentance from Dead Works